Monday, February 7, 2011

My Valentine's Day Favorites!

I know, long time no ramble! :)

After a long struggle with my laptop, and the help of a good friend, I think it's okay. At least for now anyway, though since I did it myself, I am not completely ignorant of computers, I'm no genius. I'm still convinced that it will crash at anytime!

I had some posts lined up to give you wonderful people, unfortunately, I had not hit save before my youngest son came over and decided to hit a few keys while I was in the other room getting dinner the other day. So, I'm winging it today, bare with me.

Instead, or until I find my pattern for my favorite new thing to share, I'm going to share with you a host of Valentiene's Day links. I've shared all of them on my Facebook page but, compiling them into one list is always easier. Don't you think? ; )

So here we go.

I have to say that when I first saw all those subway art printables a while back, I thought it was just boring and not cute enough to even put in a frame...I'm a convert now. I can't get enough of any of them, the more colors, the happier I am! It seriously borders on a neurosis, I have to get them all! So, below is a list of some of the V-day ones.

  1. One of my fav blogs, Eighteen 25 posted this Valentine's Day Subway Art.
  2. Sprik Space has a whole host of  V-day Subway Art. I included a link here but, even if you just visit Aimee's main page, and scroll down, you'll see tons and tons of them. Some of them are very cute, like the one above.
  3. Love Stitched also had a cute one, click here
  4. Funky Polka Dot Giraffe had a cute one, here
  5.  Less Cake More Frosting has one here as well. It's not quite subway art, with all the various words but, dang cute none the less! 
  6. My Computer is My Canvas has a cute Valentine's Day Banner. As well as a few other freebies to check out, while there! 
  7. Brassy Apple has this cute tutorials for two different Valentine's Day 3-D Love Art
Again, I can't say it enough, while at these blogs, take a look around! There are soo many other things there, printables, crafts, yummy food! They all have tons of different things to off!

Next, are some of my favorite printables from various blogs. 

  1. This one is my favorite, maybe the fact that I have two boys makes me VERY biased but, it stole my heart! Mique from 30 Days (or 30 Handmade Days) made this  I Wheelie Like You printable and it is too darling! 
  2. Valentines Printable Kit from Creative Mamma is adorable for any kiddo. 
  3. The Parkers shared this Classroom Party Pack from Shindig.
  4. Tricia Rennea, fast becomming one of my FAVORTIE places for printable and freebies, posted this   Valentine's
  5. She's Kind of Crafty had these cute bag toppers.
  6. Hi Sugarplum even has a list of Valentine's Printables from other bloggers!
  7. The girls at Eighteen 25 posted a blank printable here, that can easily be used for Valentine's Day. 
  8. Whipperberry has these cute bottle labels that you can use to adorn a V-day gift. 
No, Valentine's Day would be complete without food!! Have I mentioned that I LOVE food?! So, naturally, picking just a few was really hard but, I had to share a few from some of my fav ladies!

Cheryl from Tidymom, guest posted on She Wears Many Hats her Sweetheart Cherry Cake. My mouth was watering!

Kristan from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen posted her yummy looking Chocolate Heart Brownie Bites.

Last but certainly not least, Diane from Created By Diane, posted these cute Heart Shaped Pancakes

If this doesn't wet your creative appetites as well as your actual ones, then you're asleep. Or you've just eaten!

If that's not enough...two more things to get you going!
Cheryl from Tidymom has her list of here and I've said  it before, peruse the blogs of these ladies, like the ladies of Eighteen 25. They have loads of things there if you just look!

Hope this gets those last minute creative juices flowing!