Nice to meet you, welcome to my blog! 
My name is Em, I'm a stay-at-home-mom of 2 special needs boys. 

JD, my youngest. He's my super inquisitive, chocolate obsessed, fearless, klutzy, comic. Who gives me reason to laugh every single day.  He's a boy's boy, fond of anything that has to do with construction trucks and wrestling! I have the bruises to prove it too! 
Yes, this happens quite frequently with him, beware anyone that brings a camera near! 

Then there's DW, my oldest. He's a bit more challenging, chocolate does not fix everything! In fact, chocolate is fanatically avoided! He's very analytical, methodical, more often than not, a very serious young man. He's a building maniac, who will build anything he can, with anything he can! Especially if there is a computer nearby where he can he look it up! Oh and you can never leave him alone with a screwdriver!
He still has a love for Blue and getting him in a picture is usually hard. So, this is my favorite of him!

Our house is noisy, chaotic and downright crazy sometimes. You can't turn your back on the little one EVER!
An older pic of my little guy but, one of my favorites!
Dancing to Celtic Thunder one night! He's a VERY enthusiastic dancer!!

The boys in their old playroom They need no encouragement to get wild,
 as you can see!

Despite the noise and mayhem, we even homeschool here! 

Though it's non-stop, and a bit noisy, we have our moments of peace and wonder though too!
My youngest at the zoo last year with his favorite critters, snakes. 
Imagine my delight, as a long time snake-avoider! 

My oldest, last October waiting for his 
gluten-free pancake mix to be delivered! 
Without his feet/ankle braces I just now noticed! 

Our family lives off of one income! Along with FPIES (food protein induced entercolitis) - milk proteins are the main culprits, and we have food allergies that make grocery time and meal times a bit challenging. So, saving a buck, doing it yourself or recycling what you've got are high priorities here!

You might find that I lean toward more organic food, whole food, just all around nutritious food. That's a story for another post as to why but, food has played a dramatic part in my boys' lives, because of this, their food will always be the organic, veggie or Vegan foods. Since I cannot afford to do organics all the time, I will now and again make my old Blue Collar stand by meals too! I do what I can, where I can to feed the family as best I can without breaking our bank. The same goes for decorating too, in this house, functionality will often times trump aesthetics. I prefer to do it myself or learn to do it myself. That includes building whatever I need to....scary as that may seem, since I am the queen of grace! That being said, I love a pretty side table, a new way to paint or really neat retro mirror and will share what I find on my Facebook page daily.

So, pull up a chair, have some tea, and stay a spell. Hope you find something you like here!