Sunday, February 3, 2013

Soup-er Bowls

Alright, so here's where you understand that I grew up in small, farmville, middle of nowhere Nebraska. Where you didn't go to the big super stores except for monthly and if you had to go shopping in town, it cost an arm and a leg! So, when you went shopping, you stocked up.

I am not the lets buy groceries for a few days type of gal, nor am I the lets stock up for a few weeks kind of gal either. In the heartland, you learn winters can be hard and long. Storm seasons come and go and can knock you round and round. No big cities nearby for most of us to get flashlight batteries or water, etc. Out there, you learn to make sure you have what you need on hand.

So, once or twice a year, I stock up on supplies for the whole family. That's right 6 months minimum of food or cooking/baking basics. Whatever I know we'll need, and yes, it takes me a bit to figure out a year's worth of liquid vitamins for the boys, or how much flour I might need. As you can imagine, places like Sam's club or Costco have become like family! :)

Why tell you this? Because once or twice a year, I go through my vacuum sealed foods, or boxes, cans, etc. and see what is about to expire or needs to be used. Today I discovered gluten free/dairy free bisquick and cans of soup where ready to be taken out of rotation. So, that is what I needed to use, for the Super Bowl! Hence: Soup-er Bowls, complete with side of biscuits! :)

Three things to note here. One, my camera is sucking batteries dry so, we're once again stuck with BAD cell phone pictures. Two, look at my colorful, pretty handmade pot holders, I so love them! And three, keep in mind that measuring and I....were not so much friends as we are acquaintances. I prefer to "eyeball it" most of the time.

Garlic powder, or fresh ground, dehydrated garlic
Salt & Pepper
1 can of your favorite soup
several garlic cloves, minced
shredded cheese, or not, this one is your call
Bisquick (+ milk) or even the store bought ones in a "whomp em" can

I just minced a bunch of garlic up ahead of time.

Then I doubled the biscuit recipe on the back of the box. Which was only Bisquick and some milk. I added garlic powder, salt and pepper to the mix. Then I roll it out on a floured surface. Well, most of the time I did but, with my youngest asking to fulfill his "kitchen helper" roll, occasionally we may have just rolled them into balls and flattened them out with our hands! The trick is to get them pretty thin but, not tear holes in them. They also need to be big enough to act as the bottom, sides and top of your 'bowl'.

I placed our circles into a non-stick muffin tin, making sure to press them down around the bottom. With a bit of spillage over the top. They should kind of look like you had and alien explode out of your chest.......or at least this is what my hubby and stepson compared it too!

Now then, if you're still not grossed out, or happen to live in an all male world as I do, you're good to continue then! :)

Next, pop open your can of soup or use your own homemade soup, whatever you want. Mix in the garlic cloves and cheese, if you chose to use them. Spoon in just enough to almost if not fill your cup, if you dare! Then use some water to rub along the edges of your biscuit and fold over in over the top, pinching where the edges meet another. Do this all the way around the top. This is important because if they're not sealed, you can end up with a little mess but, trust me, they're so good and easy to make, any mess is worth it!

Anyway, once they're pulled over, and sealed all around. Pop them in a 350 degree (Fahrenheit) oven for about 45 minutes or until they're turning golden on top.

Let them cool for a bit, then remove them. You may need a flat knife just to help raise them up enough to pull out of the tins. Serve them as is and enjoy or....when you flip the top off, you have an instant biscuit that you can butter or put honey on. Just as proper Midwesterners eat soup, with bread or biscuits! A meal in one, you can't beat that, right?

Is this diabetic friendly? If you have to ask, you shouldn't be eating it! Is it healthy? Well, there are carrots, and potatoes...some protein, a starch....hmmm. I'm going to plead the fifth on this one!

Hope you had a great game and congratulations to the Ravens fans! I'm signing off to go tuck a little monster back in bed!