Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Potter Party!

So, if you're a closet Potter fan or openly celebrating, everyone is counting down for the upcoming festivities. Either our kiddos or ourselves have a vested interest so, since I am a HUGE closet Potter fan and my nephew and I have a standing movie date, sadly the last one, I wanted to share my Potter party ideas I found all over the net!

First off my favorite find, is chock full of printables to decorate for your Potter Party. Just Sweet and Simple has these great free and gorgeous printables for your food and to decorate with!
She is also kind enough to send you to another great site for food, that many other Potter Party partakers have also consulted, myself included. Britta.com has these really cute ideas for recipes that go with the printable signs you will have previously picked up. They also add to the melting pot of ideas by giving you ideas  for decorating too!

Hostess with the Mostess has two pages full of ideas  and gladly shares them with you! Page 1 and Page 2.

I had to throw this in because A) It's just too cute of a name, B) It's healthy and C) I LOVE garlic!! :) Nomnomnom! has these really cute Dementor's Kiss Bread Twist that you have to try! If nothing else, it's something yummy for the adults!

Hopping on the Potter Party train, Kris also has Mrs. Weasley's Easy as Magic Fudge. Excuse the drool as I write this! :)

Looking for a fun craft for the young Potter fans to do? Jane's Reading Room, has not only a tutorial on how to make a golden snitch but, at the very bottom of the page, she has an original and adorable idea on how to make a personal owl  invite!

Two bloggers that quite literally went all out are A Blog of Two Witches and  My Harry Potter Party. I am not joking either! Here are some pics so you can see!
These two were from the Harry Potter Party Blog and the next is from a photobucket album of the other Potter Party at A Blog of Two Witches.

Another great resource a friend sent me was from About.com of all places! Here is the link that will take you to everything Potter!

Lastly but, most certainly not least, is cupcakes from Once Upon a Cupcake. How adorable are these?!

I had another link to THE most amazing Harry Potter invites but, sadly I've lost it. Y'all know I love free things but, they were worth the $5 at Etsy to get. If I find the owl invites, I will add them on here.

I hope these have inspired and maybe got your Potter excitement going! It's the last movie we should celebrate the memories and fun that the series has given us!

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