Friday, May 4, 2012

Favorite Blog Friday #5

This week's favorite blog Friday is, The Morristribe!

Welcome to one of the most enthusiastic blogs I've come across when it comes to teaching and learning to homestead. One of the things I do when I come across a new blog is read their "About" page. What struck me about Kelly's page:
It wasn’t until 18 years ago that I made the correlation between “time” and “stuff”.  To acquire more “stuff”, you must continually give up parts of your “life”.  Almost overnight, my enthusiasm about my career and  current way of life began to diminish.

She's absolutely right of course. This began her transformation into a one income family and a new way of life. What I love most about her blog, is she's more than willing to share what she's learned with her readers in order to make their lives a little simpler.

Her series on How to Get Started Homesteading, is a great place to start for beginners. It covers things from getting to know your farming community, how to get good soil, to easy crops to grow and composting! She often times has a great series like the ones on homesteading. She recently had one of my favorites from any blog, on the Depression. It was a reminder of all that my grandparents had been through and why I do what I do for my family.

She even has articles on how to be a bit more self sufficient and even some on getting out of debt. If none of these interest you, Kelly has a ton of great things in the recipe department. Here is the link to her recipe section. She even has some really good posts on stuff that has to do with kids. Which includes things like motivating your kiddos, how to make chores more fun and even a little something on "the talk"! She even has a video series for the newbies, called A Year on Homestead.
Together, she sells them for only $9.99 or individually for between $2.99 - $4.99. So, it's not going to break the bank if you want to buy them all at once or one at a time!

Another bonus that Kelly does is her Homesteader Blog Carnival. A great linky party that showcases everyone's best in homesteading and sustainable living.

There are so many great things on Kelly's blog that I honestly don't know where to begin! She has giveaways regularly and on her FB page, shares all of these goodies plus a little bit more! So, grab a glass of your favorite summer time beverage (it's almost 90 degrees here today!) and give Kelly's blog a minute or ten! :)

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