Thursday, May 3, 2012

Crocheted Luggage Tags

I'm one of those weird people that can have all sorts of friends. An eclectic mix really from rednecks to very posh and proper people. Though I will admit that none of them really hang out together but, they all still speak to me and why is beyond me sometimes. I'm a goofy chic and well, sometimes have not a lot in common with them but, got to love people who love you! :)

Anyway, I have friends that have a lifestyle nothing like mine like this family friend and his extended family who travel the world offering medical help to various countries, not missionaries or part of a doctor group. My doctor even, not part of a bigger group, takes yearly trips to Sudan to help out there. They just do it on their own out of the goodness of their hearts. Which makes them good people in my book.

I don't have the money to do something so neat but, my family helps these guys out in any way that we can and one of the ways I'm going to share with you now. As I've mentioned before, I'm not the crocheter in the family so, the directions I share come from my mom. So, if you've got a question, by all means ask and I'll ask her to clarify! :)

This photo does not show the colors correctly for some reason but, the left one is a teal color, the middle is black and the right is blue. There is also a red, orange, yellow and green one not pictured here. 

Why luggage tags? Well, these people who travel to different countries love them because a) they are original and you won't see them often. So, you can find these easier in a crowded airport. Another reason, b) you can color code your luggage! One color is medical supplies, one color is your son's, one is yours, and another color maybe your father's, etc. This way, you don't have to go through every single suitcase to figure out what is where!

1 - 6oz. skein o worsted weight yarn (Makes 20 tags)
Size G crochet hook
Metal key chain rings

So, here goes transcription of the luggage tag directions: 
Leaving approximately 3" tail, chain 12.
Single crochet (sc) in the second chain from hook and each chain around putting 3sc in the last chain stitch.
Continue sc in chain around to beginning.
Slip stitch in the first sc, chain 12.
Lay metal ring on the last 2 chain.
2 sc in 2nd chain fro hook (going through the center of key ring and down into chain stitch, picking up your yarn to complete sc by bringing it through both the chain stitch and the key ring, then finish sc)
2 sc in third chain as previously done.
Then, sc in remaining chain stitches.
Slip stitch in previous slip stitch of main body, joining both pieces securely.
Sc around, sc up side to top of side.
Chain 1 and turn. Sc in each, sc down side, 3sc corner, sc across bottom.
sc in corner, sc back up other side.
Slip stitch to fasten and leaving approximately 21/2 - 3 inch tail. Cut yarn.
Weave the tail back in to hide.

Remember, she translated these from memory and had no official pattern to work with. She is known for just making up crotched patterns! Though I do know if you "google" crochetedd luggage tags, you find a bunch. I think this is a great idea in general though, how easy it would be to keep family members luggage separate and how easy to find your luggage amongst the sea of other bags out there!

It's just a neat idea that you can use for tons of other things besides your airplane luggage. You can use it for things like a day out at the zoo to tell the difference among your children's lunch pails, or what bags have the goodies and what has the extra pull ups, clothes and medicines, etc. The applications for things like this are really unending and extremely helpful.


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