Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Honest Life Book Review

The Honest Life...alright, I'm just going to say it. I was totally against the name of this book. I mean really a Hollywood actress with a million dollar lifestyle...what is she going to say to me that is going to even be the littlest bit relatable to me?

I ate my words. I mean it. I completely and utterly was so judgmental!

I am a mother, who like Jessica, did my research and was horrified at what they've put out there for our families to eat, to use in their daily lives, etc.. At the time though I was almost completely overwhelmed and sort circuited. Jessica though, took it and ran with it.

Why I loved her book:

She tells you why eating organic and/or locally is important, but does it in a manner that doesn't make you feel horrible if this is something that you can't afford to do. She addresses the dirty dozen and the clean fifteen, GMOs, seasonal produce but, doesn't demand we all pop out and start growing our own food. She even admits she has a "black thumb" where growing things is concerned.

She tackled the cleaning area of "Honest living", by talking about VOCs, Hepa filters, dust, mold, etc. She even tells you more than once in her book that you don't have to go buy her company's products that you can do it yourself or find something else that works. As a matter of fact, she even goes so far as to give you several recipes for cleaning supplies!

I'm not much of a girly girl. I mean I literally brush my hair, slap it in a ponytail and go, but if you are, she has you covered there as well. From make ups you should watch out for to masks you can make yourself, she's thought of it all. Yes, including fashion, for all you fashionistas out there!

I think my favorite part of the book was the back. Not very exciting I know but, I'm the kind of rushed mom that needs all my info literally in one place or I'm never going to find it. Yes, I am one of those 'I put it in a place so I wouldn't forget - and forget where that place is' kind of girls! So, the back filled with great charts that tell you which fish is a safer choice, where you can go to learn more or the list of  "dishonest" ingredients" is perfect for me.

Overall, I was really impressed. She admits she is "just a mom" and tells you to go find these things out for yourself. So many places in the book she acknowledges that not everyone can afford to do what she does, and turns around and gives you practical advice on how you can do the best that you can in an area.

In this day and age where so many celebrities endorse products, or their own companies and tell you that their product is the best way, or the only way. She's not afraid to say, hey here's another option you can try. Or here's a suggestion on how you can make this work for you and your family. There is some kind of respect that a celebrity can gain in my book if you can not only acknowledge those out there who make less than you do but, then offer them an alternative to help themselves.

It's Honest-ly refreshing! I would recommend this book to anyone.

 You can get her book here or visit her company's page here: 

I was not paid or compensated to endorse this book, the review is my own.

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