Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hello Bloggers. My first post! :)

Hello all! This is a new thing for me, blogging that is. I have followed loads of blogs but, never considered doing one of my own. A friend kind of gave me a friendly nudge…Ok, it was more of a shove really!

I should start out saying that I love do it yourself anything….crafts, recipes, re-purposing, etc. Especially with the ways things are in the economy and the gas prices on the rise yet again. As a stay at home mom and homeschooling mother of 2 special needs boys, I have learned how to stretch a buck. I know that anything you can do yourself often times is a heck of a lot cheaper. There is something to be said for buying things for the ease of it but, when your pennies are pinched, you have to “make the best of it”! Aren’t I just too cute?! lol

I guess that should be your first warning, as a mother of two boys, one 5 and one 2, my sense of humor is seriously either warped or just plain sad!

Anyway, my one girlfriend, the one who pushed me into this really, says that there are great blogs out there (and she is right, I’m addicted to quite a few!) but there aren’t a lot that can deliver a bit more recipes or crafts for more of the blue collar crowd. You know us types, the ones who will most likely never be the best dressed. Lets face it, most moms aren’t anyway but, us blue collar ladies, we spend out money on the children first, the bills, the groceries, etc. Often not even thinking of ourselves until we have to go somewhere nice and suddenly realize that all your nice blouses, shirts, Ts all have either breast milk, baby regurgitation, grease stains, or your son’s juice on the front of them!

So, with a bit of trepidation I step into the blogging world, a bit intimidated by the masses of GREAT craft and recipe bloggers out there!

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