Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Have to Share!

This time of year is often difficult in my house, starting just before Halloween. The week before the frightful night, there are two birthdays! My stepson's and one of my husband's nephews. So, planning presents, parties and costumes becomes all I can think about come September!

In Novemember, it's my big brother's birthday, my olest son's, my husband's other nephew and his sister-in-law. Oh and did I mention this seldom heard of holiday, called Thanksgiving?! Most of these birthdays all fall within 1 week of Thanksgiving no less!

So, by December I am at my highest stress point and am party, present and almost festivitied out (Yes, that is a word, even if it is in my own world!). Planning a get to together for friends, gifts for neighbors, close friends and even some family members can be very daunting!

I decided that this year for Holiday get together, I would have a cookie swap party. Nothing grand, just a few friends over for some girl talk, cookies and of course some drinks!

I was just desperately trying to come up with some decoration ideas when along comes Amy from Living Locurto. If you've not checked out her blog and party, decoration ideas and links to other fabulous blogs, you definitely need to! I put her on the side of this page along with several other fabulous blogs. If you've not checked her out of heard of her yet, go take a look!

Take a look at the free printables she's come up with if you're an email subscriber!

They are really cute and you can easily use them anytime of year! Enough said right? So head on over and check out some of her ideas!

For the gift giving portion of the Holiday season, I usually go all out baking treats for weeks on end! Pre-making and freezing them as needed. I was still on the fence about what to make, if I should bake or buy and if I buy, what to buy! Another GREAT blog to the rescue. If you've been in blogland for some time now, you'll have probably come across not only Amy but the wonderful ladies of How Does She?.

Another one of my favorite blogs, there is always something there of interest. Today was no exception, they passed on what I have to say is so far my favorite post of this month! Their 30 Neighbor Gift Ideas was not only a great source of inspiration but, witty on top of that! The perfect mix, at least for me!

I'd share some pics but, there are 30 ideas there and I wouldn't begin to know what to choose to post! Just take my word for it and head over there and check out that post!

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