Friday, March 30, 2012

Favorite Blog Friday #1

It's Friday and I'm throwing another new thing at you! Fridays I'll be doing Favorite Blog Friday! Each Friday, I will pick a blog to feature and share some of my favorite things that they've done. This way if you've missed something or not visited the blog, you can see what they have to offer!

For my first blog site, I'm sharing the goodies from Rural Spin

What attracted me Rural Spin for starters was the about page: 
I’m a gardener, cook, writer, weaver, soap-maker, cheese-maker, horticulturist, anthropologist, ecologist, and more. I’ve studied and practiced home and garden care traditions since I was 10 years old, and I’m finding that many of these skills are quickly being lost or have gone the way of the covered wagon

 I could not agree more! I say this a lot of the time and have spent the last few years and most especially this last year trying to recover skills I had as a girl and have since forgotten how to do. 

Why should you take some time and check out Rural Spin? Well, for starters, there are a myriad of posts of various subjects. Like: 
Edible Plants. Here there are links to learn about Edible Winter Bark

Or a post on Cattails

Or Sumac!

There are also posts on gardening, like this one about starting seeds. Which by the way had several helpful tips in it! 

There are also other great bits of info like How to Collect and Maintain Wild Yeast Sourdough, or about the various Ingredients in food preservation. For you health nuts out there, there is even a great post on a more natural way to Keep Germs at Bay!

There is also a great post on The Feeding of Poultry for you chicken people out there. There's even stuff for the preppers/survivalists out there with great info on Seed Banks and 15 Ways to Paracord! For the foodies out there, several great recipes like Cheap and Decadent Chicken in a Pot, or one of my favorites, Easy Homemade Ricotta and even some seriously amazing things like, Decadent Mixed Citrus Marmalade!
Seriously look at that and tell me your mouth does not water!! 

The Rural Spin Facebook page is filled with even more goodies that are found like woodworking information, garden goodies, herbs, recipes, etc. So, after reading this post and checking out the blog and Facebook page, if it's not one of your favorites, take two marmalades and call me in the morning! ;)

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