Sunday, March 25, 2012

Simple Sunday #1

I've decided to do something on Sundays called, Simple Sundays.

I think it's important to remind yourself of the small, simple things in life. Take pleasure in these simple things, sometimes we all forget that and I found over the last year or two, that more often than not, I kept letting those simple things fly right by me! So, when I redid the blog, I wanted to pay homage to those things that I had taken for granted. Hopefully it will also remind you all, that even though you may be living paycheck to paycheck, you still need time to be thankful for the little things. Once you start to see them, you realize how beautiful your life really is!
What's simple this Sunday? Picnics! Yes, picnics! I know, almost unheard of a lot of the time anymore. Especially if it's not a large gathering of people. A small picnic though, might be just what the whole family needs to recharge their batteries! 

Things like dino sandwiches can make most little ones happy!

For other's, it's their favorite olives or being able to dip they're chips in ketchup even when they're not at home!

Or for moms, it could be having a lid on that little section of ketchup that is guaranteed not to get all over the lunch bag! ;) For others, it's being able to be a little independent and help out or choose what they'll be eating outside.

Simple picnics are great! It doesn't just mean eating.....there is laughter.

 There has to be bubble blowing if your kiddos are little!

There is rolling in the grass, which can ensue. Maybe not so great for allergies but, often times a bit amusing!
Maybe some pretend time.....I had to make this "attack dog" turn into a puppy with some kind of magic was that or get attacked! Let me tell you, that when this one pretends to be a dog, he means it! Unless you want a nice, long lick alongside your cheek, you find anyway possible to NOT get licked!

You can learn how to defend the universe. And which faces are the best to show that you mean business!

 Then there is some general horsing around....

Which may eventually lead to some parent kiddo bonding by going for a walk!

And of course, checking to make sure the bad guys aren't following you!
The point of this long, picture filled post is that no matter how hot it was out, how tired I was, how much patience I didn't have that day, it was a day I'll never get back and I spent it wisely! I'll never regret not mopping the floors, not answering that last email, running those errands that I had to do the next day; not a single bill crossed my mind, nor how I was going to afford gas for some appointment, or if I had enough food to finish the week, nothing that a one income household would normally worry about. Nothing was more important in that hour or two than just the picnic and walk.

I loved it so much, we finished the day with snow cones, sitting out front, watching the sun go down together! :) 

They may not remember it when they're all grown up but, I will carry it with me always!


  1. we love picnics too! i just posted about it last week! there is nothing more simple and magic. and i think they are easier than cooking and cleaning at home.

    1. I couldn't agree more! Sometimes, it's just a nice change of pace and can be so relaxing! Thanks for stopping by, it's an honor!