Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Chanukah (Hannukah)!

Well, my day has blown by and not got a lot accomplished today. Mmmm could be all the blogs I might've been going through this morning, when the boys were quiet....GUILTY!

Anyway, since I promised a Hannukah post and Hannukah does not last long, I must deliver. I confess to not being fully educated in the celebration and knowing just enough to get by without making a huge embarrassment of myself to those that do. I am lucky enough to know one or two friends that celebrate the holiday and have attended a handful of their party celebrations. So, by a bit of osmosis I've absorbed a few things and have seen some amazing decorating, ideas, food, things for the children to do. I have harassed them to no end to find out where they got their ideas from. Some have parted with their ideas and where they came from willingly, others have simply given me that mockingly, sweet smile!

This post is going to be link heavy with links to other blogs, printables for children and other sites entirely. Just things that I was pointed towards or found on my own by accident. I hope that they help you out, inspire you in some way or just make you start looking for own way to celebrate. Oh and by all means if you have your own idea, feel free to post it below as, I'm all for learning and passing on new ideas!

Link set number 1 is all about the kids! TONS of printables for the children to color, crafts, etc. Most of these come from Family Education. A free site that sends you amazing, fun and quick ideas that you can do as a family or for the children.
Make and play the dreidel game
 Hannukah Book
Hannukah coloring page
Menorah cut and color
Festival of Lights
The Story of Hannukah
What Hannukah means to you
Dreidel games
A Dreidel to color and cut out

The next link is from a site that is made for young children and filled with loads of coloring pages, clip art, arts and crafts and games even! The link will take you directly to the coloring pages but, from there you can easily find your way to anywhere you want to look!
Torah Tots Coloring page

If you're looking for more arts and crafts for the kids that are Hannukah related, head over here. There are several kid friendly crafts at Another craft I LOVED for Hannukah, was this Chanukah candle magnets. How adorable is that? And so ingenious a way to use those magnets!

If it's Hannukah decorating that you're looking for, check out Creative Jewish Mom. She has several adorable and amazing decorations and food on her site. She will even point you toward another blog if she's found a goody! Speaking of great ideas of decorations, I would be remiss if I didn't include, there you will find very nifty ideas for every holiday but, for Hannukah, click here. The list there is just gorgeous and amazing ideas like the Dreidel garland or the Hannukah pouches down below. 

Even Martha Stewart has something to offer with her Dreidel place card.

Another great source of ideas and inspiration can be found at Taste of Home. They have an entire Hannukah section for everything Hannukah, from simple tips for some Hannukah food and their recipes, to old fashioned Hannukah recipes, even a how to for the meal for the  Festival of Lights. They even have things like The Story of Hannukah and How to play dreidel

Another really great site I found was They had all this great information on different aspects of Chanukah. It really is a wonderful site dedicated to education of the holiday and still has fun things for the family to do. Even has a place to plug in your zip code to find celebrations near you! 

Whew, I think that is most of the stuff I have on Hannukah. It's a lot of links and should definitely give you some ideas and places to look! Have fun, be safe and Happy Hannukah! 

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