Thursday, December 2, 2010

Some cheap, brilliant and quick ideas or printables to help you out this Christmas season!

I have soo many great ideas and things from some of the other fabulous bloggers out there, I've decided to share some of them in one blog. It is not all of them but, it should get you started! :) Lest you think I've forgotten Hanukkah, I will post that one tomorrow!

Everything here is so cheap and easy to do! There are things to help you plan, my favorite advent calendar, cheap ideas for gifts for neighbors and even family. You have to check not only the links I provide but, these ladies blogs as well. They are a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration!

First up is How Does She?. I put these ladies first because there a quite a few from them I want to share with you. Looking for some great, cheap and witty gifts for friends and neighbors, even some family members? I've shared this before but, it's worth sharing again! Look Here. There are 30 ideas to get you started! 
Looking for free gift tags and/or money envelope? 

Check out their free printables to email subscribers. There are so many more things I could share from them, they really are great group of talented ladies but, since this was actually a stocking stuffer for my son, their timing couldn't have been perfect! Think homemade playdough!! That's what I've done for my oldest son and these ladies not only give you a recipe if you don't know how but, they also provide yet another free printable to along with packaging it!  
How great is that?! 

Before I share this second site and link. I have to say that this time of the year is stressful beyond belief for me as it is for you I'm sure. So, being organized is the key to keeping my sanity! So, here comes Life Your Way to the rescue! This is a great blog for not only getting organized but for finding some new ideas. The Free holiday Treats Ebook and Free Christmas Planner are great things to help you out. The treats ebook even gives you some great cookie recipes for a cookie swap party! Even directing you to the blog from where the idea or recipe came from. So, if you're a blog addict like me, it's like a two'fer! 

Still needing a little more organization? Then check out Tip Junkie. She has the cutest printable Christmas planner. Still needing some gift inspiration? Click here for a host of wonderful ideas and inspiration. Last but, certainly not least, my favorite thing from her. 

It is The 12 Days of Christmas gifts and poem that I am doing for the grandparents this year. Just check it out, you will love it! 

Looking for something fun to do with the kids? Filth Wizardry has a great, simple and cheap way to make an advent calendar your children will love making. 

Still looking for more? How about a Letter to Santa? The Parkers provided a free printable one for you and there are some great ideas there if you poke around too!

Looking for more homemade gifts, check out Iinfarrantly Creative . She has a wonderful series on different homemade gifts. Below is the newest creation. 

Still looking for homemade gift inspiration? Head on over to The Scrap Shoppe. Over there, they're having a homemade Christmas. Where things like beautiful homemade Christmas candles or this cute picture frame for grandparents are just waiting for you to try out. 

Looking for something simpler? Try subway art, it seems to be all the rage these days. A simple picture from one of the hundreds of blogs out there, a printer and a picture frame and you've got yourself a very simple and cheap gift that people will love! Click here for 4 different ones or check out I love it all. She has several different Christmas subway art signs. Even Eighteen25 has some different ones. Like this one for grandma or this simple one pictured below. 

If this isn't enough to get your creative juices flowing, I don't what will!! Most of this stuff is cheap and easy to do. For the things that aren't all of this should be enough to get your imagination working enough for you to come up with your own version! 

Good luck, have fun and I hoped that this has helped to give you some great ideas! 

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