Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How my family has an allergy safe holiday!

I know, I've been absent a while now but, homemade gifts for an extended family, which includes friends, of almost 30 people and then a few special neighbors, can take some time. Oh and did I mention the presents that need wrapping, the baking that has invaded the kitchen?!

Well, this time of the year there is family coming in from all over. I make treats for every cousin, daughter, nephew, great aunt, etc. Which can prove difficult if you've got relatives with allergies or intolerances in the family. How do you bake without an egg? Or milk? You become a label expert, you learn substitutions and if you're smart, you start looking for your "go to gals" who have tried and adapted almost any recipe you can think of. From breakfast to deserts, you can alter any recipe and these ladies I'm about to tell you about have. Thank god because I'd be there for ages if I had to do it myself! :)

I discovered the first lady when my second child was born, also intolerant of milk and soy protein. I wanted real food and this time knew exactly what I was looking for. MSPI Momma has saved my sanity more times than I can count! I recently found her blog again and was still just as pleased as ever to find some great recipes to try out! She has wonderful things like this Chocolate Candy Cane Cake,

Lasagna or Applesauce Icebox Cake. If you have an intolerant child or children, like I do in my case, you need to peruse through her posts, she has some great recipes.

The second lady I've come to respect is The Food Allergy Momma. She has some great recipes like Warm Dairy, Egg and Nut Free pancakes which I've used since I first found it and my son loves it! We add chocolate chips to it, or his favorite, applejuice and cinnamon to make apple cinnamon pancakes. I actually mix the dry ingredients together and then store them in an air tight jar on the counter. So, it's ready to go and we just add the oil, water, apple juice and cinnamon. Another couple great recipes from her are Dairy, Egg and Nut Free Sugar Cookies or Dairy, egg and nut free chocolate crinkle cookies.
I haven't made the crinkle cookies yet but, they look delicious and you know I've got to!

These are just two of the fabulous ladies out there that do recipes like this. With a little bit of digging, you can make this a safe holiday for everyone. Happy Holidays!

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