Monday, January 31, 2011

The first annual Vegan Pizza Day! Yes, I know but, you have to read about some of these AMAZING companies!

Once again I missed a Simple Saturday! Very terrible of me I know but, there was a good reason why!

Saturday was the very first annual Vegan Pizza Day in the US! I know, I know, sounds appetizing right?! Before I tell you how great some of these companies are, because I will,  I will tell you why this kind of thing is a big deal in the Blue Collar household. Especially since vegan food is not a typical thing in a house where you're pinching pennies.

My boys were born milk intolerant. The oldest was suppose to have outgrown it but, recently we've discovered that he has not. So, as you can imagine, going from having his favorite foods like macaroni and cheese or pizza and then having to give them up, is a very hard transition for a little guy. Especially one who relies heavily on structure.

Well, at the local Whole Foods store, we came across a Vegan pizza that my oldest agreed to try it out of sadness and desperation. We took it home and gave it a go. My son LOVED the pizza so much so that even I had to give it a try. It was better than some of the pizza's made with real cheese!!!

The name of that pizza was Tofurky cheese pizza, all Vegan and no milk or cheese. I was so in love with it and so amazed that my son was in love with it, that I wrote the company. This is how amazing some of these companies are......

When I wrote Turtle Island Foods about their Tofurky pizza, I never thought they'd email me back. They did and then went above and beyond! They emailed me back, even asked for out address so they could mail me "coupons and goodies". My son got a cute Tofurky lunchbox, some pins with cute sayings on them and some stickers, his favorite thing! As if that wasn't enough, unbeknown to me,  they then forwarded the email onward to yet another company!

This company is called Daiya.This company is the one that puts the cheese on the Tofurky pizza! They make a casein/milk free cheese! I know it sounds bad but, trust me when I say that it has to be THE most amazing non cheese - cheese I've ever, EVER tasted! I could not be more serious either! This coming from a pure Nebraska girl! We live off of meat and potatoes here. Which also includes a LOT of cheese, so to find this cheese good, was a shock!

Anyway, Daiya wrote me the most amazing email. Where they offered up information on their company and links to another site where they work with a company to make the cheese on a gluten free, dairy free, macaroni from a company called Amy's.

My son also loved the macaroni and cheese and needless to say, we have Daiya shredded cheese in our house and thanks to their company website, we also found 2 restaurants in town that serve the Vegan pizza with their cheese on it! So, we spent Saturday afternoon at a local pizza shop having pizza just like "normal people" do.

I should note that NONE of the following companies solicited my opinions expressed here. As a mother I was just so impressed with their products and how they are striving to make amazing products that are actually worth the money, taste amazing and are so great, even a little child who was used to milk enjoyed eating them!

So, if you've got a little extra cash or are looking for something a little different or even if you have milk allergies in your family, seriously consider checking out Tofurky pizzas or even making your own with Diaya cheese!

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