Saturday, January 22, 2011

Egg & Bacon Sandwich and Oatmeal

First off, sorry for the late post. Digging out of the snow that is falling yet again, takes some time and with my mother here, we've been chatting away and the day has gotten away from me! Anyway, on with the post!

Someone I considered a dear friend said something to me a while back about what they were having for breakfast and it inspired me to make it my way. Hold onto your hats though everyone, it's definitely NOT a healthy, diet inspired breakfast. It's one of my mother's favorite things that I make now!

The best thing of all about this breakfast is that it hits most of the food groups!! Dairy, protein, fat, grain and if you serve it with a side of fruit, even better!

Egg & Bacon Sandwiches

2 slices of bread, per sandwich- per person (wheat or whole grain is healthier)
2 eggs, per sandwich- per person
3 - 4 strips of bacon per sandwich (low sodium bacon is healthier)
butter, garlic salt & pepper

First butter one side of your bread and toast in a pan, like you would a grilled cheese sandwiches.
Once toasted on one side, set aside. I cheat and even stick them in the freezer to harden a bit before I butter the second side. YES, you butter the other side!

I fry up the bacon in a pan. Cook until it's the consistency you or your family prefer. Set on a napkin covered plate to soak up the extra grease.

Crack open two eggs and put them in the same pan you cooked the bacon in. Top with freshly ground black pepper and a bit of garlic salt.

While they're cooking, pat the tops of the bacon, with a paper towel to also soak up the grease on top.

If you've not done so before, remove the bread from the freezer and butter the other side and set aside. Flip the eggs over, and top with pepper and garlic salt again. Just a little salt though, you don't want to overdo it. Depending upon how you like your eggs, or you desire for easy eating, you might want to make sure eggs are cooked through, meaning that the yolks are solid. 

Once eggs are done remove to a paper towel lined plate to soak up the grease. Again patting the tops with another paper towel to get rid of the excess grease on the tops of the eggs.

Then simply assemble the sandwich! Bacon on one side, eggs on the other. Slap together, eat and ENJOY!! :)

Yes, that was a lot of pictures but, really who wouldn't want to see a lot of bacon?! :) Besides, with all that grease patted off, it's a healthy breakfast! Right? Yeah, you really shouldn't answer that!

Second simple thing to do on a Saturday is oatmeal. Only I do something I'm sure a lot of you have done but, some may not do. I get the (insert fruit here) & cream kind. Then buy matching fruit. For example, if it's bananas and cream. I buy bananas and cut them up into bit sized pieces and throw them in. Or peaches and cream, the same thing, chop them up into bits and throw them in. Just make sure to do it after the oatmeal has cooled down a bit so you don't get over cooked fruit! Besides fresh, raw fruit is much better to eat! Your kids will love it and you've really not gone to much trouble at all!

Again, nothing that we all haven't thought of before but, just a reminder of the simple things we can do and enjoy for a meal.

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