Saturday, January 8, 2011

A healthy, CHEAP and FAST breakfast that costs less than a dollar per person.

Ok so this is nothing new to you really, what I am about to share. The problem is that nowadays convience food has become our mainstream form of nutrition. We're all doing so many things at once that sometimes those little extra minutes to stop and make something from scratch is a bit hard to do. So, that is the point of this post, to show you how simple, fast and easy a good meal can really be (And cheap!)

All that being said, there are always several things you can do during the week or another day to save some time. For example, when I am putting away the groceries, I remove the grapes from their stems and give them a quick rinse. Put them back in the bag and when the boys want some they can help themselves straightaway.

When I make some brown rice for dinner, I always make an extra package. So, that way I have one on hand and cut my next meal time in half. If I have a few and am thinking of it, I even throw a few sweet potatoes or regular ones, in the microwave. Put them in the fridge to cool and the next day or next meal I have ready potatoes for hash, to make homemade mashed potatoes or whatever else I fancy and it has saved me ages of prep time for the next meal. Little things like this seem silly but, can save you loads of time every time you're making a meal.

So, that being said, here's the meal we all know about but, think it will take too long to make or it's too hard. Took me less than 15 minutes tops to make a massive batch, to feed four. When I say feed four, I usually mean a giant helping too!

It literally cost something like $0.80 per person to make!

$1.58 package of Walmart frozen veggies in a bag that you can steam
$1.24 package of mushrooms, presliced or whole you choice
5 eggs, which comes to something like $0.20 a piece.
1/2 of a green pepper - free from a neighbor this summer. ( I chopped and froze them)
3 cloves of garlic, diced or minced - mere change and you can easily leave it out.

Total is something like $3.82!

That's it!! Seriously! You can leave out the peppers and/or mushrooms, even the garlic, if you've got none of those things and it is still just as good and you save a bit more money.

My trick to save a bit of time though, he night before bed, I threw the veggies in the microwave so that when I got up this morning I could cut/dice up the veggies without burning my hands.

Another thing I did, a little non healthy really is I used the pan I had cooked my oldest son's bacon in. To get that smokey flavor but, the trick is to not use a lot. Just enough to add a bit of flavor. So, in the pan with the garlic and green pepper. I let those cook for a just a minute longer alone to get their juices flowing.

I don't like to cook them til their soft all the time and in healthier foods, I've found over the years that the more texture and flavors you can add to your food, the amazing it is and less deprived you feel.

So, then you obviously chop your veggies up and toss them in next along with your mushrooms. In my house though allergies and food intolerances are an issue. To side step this, I simply add about a tsp or less of that bacon grease to another pan and then throw in the mushrooms. Don't be afraid to heap the pan full and if you don't want to add anything to the pan to give it flavor that's ok too. As mushrooms cook, they release their water and they still taste great! They also shrink so if it looks like too much mushrooms, it's probably right on the money. :)

Again, I don't like to overcook a mushroom. So be mindful of that, the whole point of a mushroom is to have a meaty bite. If cooked just right that is how they should feel in your mouth, like a juicy bit of meat.

When these have had a minute or so to cook, then throw in your eggs. If you're sticking to your healthy lifestyle you can simply do eggwhites only. For our house though, waste not, want not! :) Also, I have a son with weight issues and you have to come up with ingenious ways to add extra calories!

Make sure that you thoroughly cook your eggs though, running eggs are soo not appetizing! Just give them several tosses to break them up. Once cooked, if you have seperated your mushrooms, add them.

Here is my youngest's breakfast:
To which I got a "Wow, danks mom"! :)
Here is the adult version with mushroom:

Does that not look delicious?! Seriously less than 15 minutes, a very delicious, healthier, CHEAP breakfast that you can be proud to serve your family or to even treat yourself! Again, I know we all know how to do this but, the point was to show you how little time it takes to do it in. This was the main things many of my BFFs seemed to not be able to get past! How I have the money and time to make a decent meal NOT out of a box.

Now, I pass onto you a breakfast you all already know how to make but, some ideas on how cheap it can be and some silly little tricks to save you time whenever you're cooking. You may find more tips and tricks to get things done faster when you begin doing things this way.

Ok, time for me to enjoy my breakfast now! ;) 

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