Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Tastes Like Outdoor Grilled Turkey Burgers" & What you can do with a package of burrito mix!

Again, sorry for the late post! My mother is staying until tomorrow and it makes it a bit hectic to try and get a post in on time. Especially when she has a QVC addiction!!

So, for manly mondays, again it's nothing really new and something you've heard me say a million times before but, wanted to share with you my little tricks and the picture of the finished product. Everyone could barely finish theirs, let alone ask for another!

It comes with a little trick that I do on occasion so that we're not eating the same kind of thing over and over and over again. I mean everyone loves a burger but, how many can you eat before you just really don't want to eat them anymore?! So, here's my trick for burgers, rice, potatoes and so much more.....burrito mix! Swear to all that is holy, you will LOVE it! I just go to the aisle in the store with all the little pouches of seasoning for things like tacos, roasts, etc. Find a burrito mix, you can do it with a taco mix too if you prefer.

Again, it's what your family prefers but, you can add a little to your mashed potatoes or in the water as you boil some rice to add a new flavor. Below is how I throw that into a burger with a few more odds and ends to create a new taste for everyone!

Tastes Like Outdoor Grilled Turkey Burgers

1 - 2 lbs of ground turkey
1 bag of brown rice, cooked
1/2 - 1 cup of steamed veggies, diced
1/4 - 1/ 2 pckg of burrito seasoning
1 / 2 green pepper, cubed or diced
worchestersire sauce, liquid smoke
salt & pepper
*1 - 2tbs of bbq sauce - if you want a bit more flavor and spice add a bit of this to mix too!

Let me preface this by one again saying that we have egg sensitivity in our house so if the meal is something that everyone will eat, we don't use an egg, as some people would when mixing together a hamburger. Also, the amount of burrito mix, worchestersire sauce and liquid smoke you would use, again depends on your or your family's tolerance for savory or spicey meals.

It's a pretty simple meal to make. Just mix all the ingredients together in a bowl. For my family, we used 1/2 of a package of burrito mix and about 2 - 3 tbs of worchestersire sauce and 1 tbs, give or take of liquid smoke.

I know you're wondering about the crackers. I just keep crushing them up and adding them to the mix until it's not to wet. You don't want it too dry either, as it will really fall apart but, if you've done it before you'll know the feeling on your hands. You just don't want it too wet or too dry. I think after I add the rice, and the liquids, I probably use close to 1/2 package of crackers. You can crush them by hand or put them in a sandwhich bag and use a rollig pin to roll over it and crush them.

Anyway, mix it all together. You can do this several hours ahead of time and just cover and refrigerate until you're ready or you can do it right before you cook them. The longer it sits, the more the flavors intermingle and bring out more of the unique flavors.

The trick to any hamburger or turkey burger patty I have known since I was a girl but, was shocked to find out that not everyone knows it! It's pretty easy. Roll into a ball, kind of gently mash it flat but, make sure that the middle of the patty is thinner and a bit flatter than the outside edge. The outside edge will be thick as it should be. I forgot to take a picture of it but, will do so later when I make them again. So, the middle will almost sag down for being too thing and the outside edge will look almost like it's way too big. This is perfect! Why do we do this? Because ground meat plumps when you cook it! So, what will happen is your burger will even out and cook evenly all the way through.

Depending upon the shape of your pan and/or whether you use ground hamburger or ground turkey, you might want to spray your pan or use a little bit of butter.

Place on med heat and cover. Do not flip until the bottom begins to carmelize or brown up. You flip and cover again. Shouldn't take too long and you have time to make the rest of your meal! For this meal, I simply used a store brand mashed potato, 3 cheese blend and added a bit more burrito mix to it, some leftover  veggies, some shredded colby and monterray jack cheese and viola a completely different mashed potato that complimented the meal nicely. I didn't add any veggies to the plate because a) I was out of time and b) there were so so many in the burger but, most of the time I do! This way, your family most definitely gets their veggies for the day! : )

They were so huge that the drawed the normal sized buns and literally no one was able to finish their plates! Which means I had plenty left over for another day, or a different meal!

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