Friday, April 6, 2012

Favorite Blog Friday #2

It is a lot harder to pick just one blog to feature for a week! However, a lot of people have discovered Common Sense Homsteading and if you haven't yet, stay with me because I'm going to show you why Laurie should be on your top ten blogs list! 

One of the things that makes Laurie's blog appealing to everyone across the board is:
One, she's a mom. Two, she was raised on a Dairy Farm, so she's learned practicality. Three, she doesn't back a product, a practice or idea unless she's been there and done that! Four, she honest to goodness knows her stuff!! I'm not the world's smartest person but, I'm no dummy and I can tell you that at least once a day, I'm sitting at my computer taking notes from my "homesteading professor", as I affectionately call her around here! :)

Why should you visit her blog? How much time do you have to read this over?! Seriously picking some things here and there to share from her blog has actually been gut wrenching for me. She has soo many great things to share!  So, here goes what I can tell you is not even close to a cross section of what she offers over there!

Lets start with gardening. If you're New to Gardening, Laurie has the post for you. Filled with some seriously practical advise for the newbie gardener! In her gardening posts, Laurie covers everything from Seed Germination to the basics of Root Cellars. She even does some of my favorite posts lately entitled Weekly Weeder! Here's her newest one on Dandelions! These are great educational posts on why you should think before you get rid of your weeds and what they can be used for.

If gardening isn't your thing, how about posts about more of a natural health thing? Though keep in mind some of those weeds you shunned can also be used for medicinal purposes! Still not loving your weeds? Well, you will if you check her posts out. In the meantime I'll show you a few of her other natural health articles! Like or why you should stick with butter (if the color alone in that picture doesn't make you think!)
She even tackles a natural way to tackle E. Coli and Salmonella. There are a ton more of great articles like this over there. 

If preparedness is your thing, she's still got you covered! With topics covering things like how to be prepared for summer storms, Top 10 Real foods to store without electricityhomegrown medicinals (again, check back on those Weekly Weeder posts too!) to the basics of winter vehicle preps. Which should get you pondering summer vehicle preps as well. ;)

Still need more reasons to check her out? How about homesteading topics. Why should you care about homesteading for starters? Well, for starters, go to your car and check your gas gauge, then hop in and drive to the nearest gas station, look at the big sign with the big numbers on it. If that alone isn't scaring you into being more self sufficient, I'm not sure why you're reading this blog! :D
Learning to do a bit of homesteading, even little by little, can end up helping your family out more than you know. Now back to Laurie's blog! :) Want to tackle a bit of homesteading, she's got you covered! She covers beginning homesteading/self relianceherb gardens, tips for first time chicken owners, one of my favorite things to do dehydrating and even canning!

Alright, if you're just in this for recipes.....she's still got you covered! My favorite Potato Pancakes, growing up, we had these for breakfast (or anytime if I asked just right)!
She has a ton more recipes too, like broccoli soup, a great bunch of recipes for Easter brunch, Polish Doughnuts, Sourdough bread, Easy Chocolate Truffles, I really could go on and on here!

Trust me when I tell you she is a WEALTH of knowledge. On her Facebook page, she shares older posts and anything she finds that she feels has some value to you, so you definitely don't miss a thing.

So, grab a cup of tea, prop your feet up and read (and take notes if you feel so inclined) and give Laurie's blog, Common Sense Homesteading some good quality time!


  1. Aw shucks... You're going to make me *blush*. ;-)

    Thank you for such a nice post. It was a great way to start off the day.

    1. Aw, I'm glad you approved!! I was actually wrangling with this for two weeks! :D I couldn't decide which things to put in it. I left out several dozen other things I wanted to include!
      I am so glad though, that it started your morning off right! :)