Friday, April 20, 2012

Favorite Blog Friday #3

This week's Favorite Blog Friday is Gail's My Repurposed Life. Why is this a blog you should visit? A lot of different reasons! Gail is so inspiring, she finds all these great "trash items" and remakes them into new, exciting things. Living a blue collar life is all about making do with what you have but, it doesn't mean that you have to live in the uggies! Gail shows us all how to redo, remake and reuse what you've already got or found. One persons trash is another persons treasure! Gail has used doors to make benches, not just headboards but, has built an entire bed with them!! Would you believe that this trunk was a door orginally?! Here's how she did it! 

She has even redone and made various tables like these:

If tables don't interest you, how about:

Shelves? This is too cute! If aesthetics are not your thing, practicality will win you over! She does that too! :)  She can show you how to make drawers,

Or inspire you with neat things, like these cupboards!

When you peruse her blog and FB page, you'll be filled with lots of inspiring ideas but, just in case you need more she even hosts a regular linky party called Catch Can! Here's this week's link to it. If you've got some down time, grab a glass and go through with pen in paper in hand to write down all the neat things she'll inspire you to do! 

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