Sunday, April 22, 2012

Simple Sunday #4

What's simple today? Fruit, well more specifically, apples

Not my best picture I've posted but, my son wanted to snap the shot and I could've let him do it, erase it and take a prettier one but, it was special because he took it. :)

Why are apples simple? Well, I get the boys' produce from Whole Foods. Yes, it is expensive but, I have my reasons for spending the extra cash to do this. My favorite, absolute favorite thing to do, is to walk in and head straight to the apples and take a deep breath in. Nothing but that sweet, woodsy apple smell fills my lungs. It makes me happy and makes me think of the times I climbed trees as a kid or stood on the wheel well of grandpa William's tractor and picked the apples low enough for me to reach as he drove through his orchard. It reminds me of the times we all cramped around in the basement, making applesauce for us kiddies and apple cider (usually the special kind) for the adults.

Aside from my trips down memory lane, apples are just great anyway! What better way to make some little kid's day than to hand them a plate with an smile made from apple slices. There is no baking required to enjoy one, there are tons of different flavors to experience and enjoy and the variety of colors are just pretty in general.

Who says apple cider tea isn't delicious or apple cider for that matter? Who doesn't love an apple pie or a good glass of apple juice? Apples are good with cinnamon, yogurt, certain meats, wines, beers, and even other fruits and veggies. Not to mention the nutritional value of a good apple and no processing required really. Anything that you can bake, you can throw an apple in! You don't have to take out a loan to buy apples, even in bulk and they're a great sweet treat when you need a snack. You can even use them in crafts and homeschool lessons!

This is a much older picture of my oldest son. He was 2 in this picture and I kid you not, spent an hour eating this apple. What makes it even more special, this was his very 1st whole apple! He was so cute eating it! 

There's so many good things to love about apples, most especially the sweet little smiles that they elicit when little boys or girls see them stacked on the plate, all sliced and ready to go!

So, sit back, grab a glass of whatever you enjoy and snack on an apple, and make today a simpler time with the family!

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