Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Easter!

This time of year is just seriously fantastic! It's spring, it's warmer outside, everything is all brightly colored and happy feeling! I know, that's a bit too much chipper for me first thing in the morning too (thank goodness I'm writing this at night!). It's just too happy not to share some Easter goodies with you. Again, some from my FB page and some via my emails or through other blogs! 

So, first things first, FOOD! :) Thank goodness a few bloggers went through and found some fun, bright and happy treats for sharing! Like Cheryl over at Tidymom! She shared some goodies and some crafts though. Never a bad thing! Or Curbly and the cute chicks in the pic!

You can't have Easter fun without, dying Easter eggs and there were a lot of good dying ideas from around the internet this years. Like Rural Spin's Natural Dyed Eggs. Or even the naturally dyed ones from Better Homes and Gardens! If you don't have natural ingredients on hand, you can try Jene Renee's Kool Eggs!

Alright, food and eggs covered, how about some kind of decoration or craft to keep the kiddies busy why your eggs dry! Have you heard of Kaboose yet?! Head over there and check these great crafts to do with the kiddos! This one here, from No Time For Flashcards is too cute for the wee ones!

Need more coloring pages? Seriously just type in 'Easter coloring pages' in Google and be amazed at how many things pop up! This one here from Hear My Hands is a neat one for your sign learner. Again, Kaboose also had a lot of fun coloring pages for the little ones too! If you'd like more tin can ideas, check My Very Educated Mother! Here is her tin can crafts. They are just too cute! 

Tin cans not your thing? Then you can always rely on the age old toilet paper rolls! Crafts By Amanda, has 11 Cardboard Crafts for Easter that might help! If you're looking for just a few more fun crafts for the kiddies, check out Teacher's Mouse Pad

If you're looking for something a bit more educational, check out My Sister's Suitcase's: ABC Easter Egg Match up. If you're just looking for more games, activities and crafts, THE best link I have found so far is from Tinkerlab and their 60 Egg Activities for Kids

Which leads me to filling the eggs. I'm lucky in that my boys generally don't like candy! I know, it's "weird" but, they are my boys and I'm a little nuts myself! :D Anyway, here is a GREAT idea from Mom on Time Out. Most of these things I already do and you can pick them up from dollar spots at various stores or even the dollar stores! Here is another good idea from Quirky Momma for various Easter egg hunts. Or how about this one from Brandy over at Gluesticks and her Easter Egg Hunt Lunch!

If you're looking for printables, DLTK has a ton of Easter printables here. Or Family Education has some here and a few here at the bottom of the page. This page also has a bunch of links for crafts, recipes, gifts, etc. to look over too. 

These links should jumpstart your weekend fun! So, pick a few and the let the kids have fun! 

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